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Sept 30 2022

Winchester House:

Part 1: The Mysteries

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Welcome to the Dark Side of Sunny California

Have a hankering for hot apple pie? Then visit scenic mile-high Moonfall, but beware of the sisters of St. Gertrude’s School for Girls - don’t buy their famous mincemeat pies unless you’re feeling very adventurous. Down the hill, in beautiful Santo Verde, mysterious creatures called greenjacks are making sure the grass is green - and hunting for suitable bodies to steal.

Just north, in the majestic San Bernardino Mountains, check into the stunning and haunted Cliffhouse Lodge in Cliffside. The village has much to recommend it, including weekend events like Civil War reenactments, wine tastings, and Oktoberfest. But don’t wander down to Blue Lady Lake at night lest you encounter the town’s mysterious and deadly phantom - or run into the local serial killer. Some say he's the Bodice Ripper, a Prohibition-era murderer, back from the grave.

Beyond the mountains lies the high desert and Old Madelyn Amusement Park - Madland to the locals. It not only plays host to serial killers, drag racers, and religious cults, but to cowboys and aliens as well.

Continuing northwest to the coast, you’ll find historic Point Conception, the little town of Devilswood, and above it, Ravencrest Manor, where Belinda Moorland works as governess to handsome millionaire Eric Manning's children in a house rife with witchcraft, ghosts, and other things... Then continue along the Pacific Coast Highway past Pismo Beach to Red Cay and Baudey House. Horror writer David Masters moved into the place in an attempt to prove it’s not really haunted.

Minutes north is the Candle Bay Hotel, run by the fanged Darling family. They have theme rooms waiting for you, but it’s best not to book the dungeon room... And do avoid teen-twin vampires Ivy and Lucy - they don't possess much self-control.

After a stop in Caledonia for lunch - ignore any hallucinations you experience there - drive into the Santa Cruz Mountains to the town of Crimson Cove, where Alistair Cross’ vampires reside. The Candle Bay and Crimson Cove families are planning a road trip together to a huge vampiric reunion in Eternity at the northern end of the state. You won’t want to miss that. While there, make sure to tour Little Stonehenge and visit Snakes Alive! to find out how Jack the Ripper, Ambrose Bierce, Amelia Earhart, Elvis, and Bigfoot - are connected to the snowy mountain town.

Finally, cruise downstate via Gold Country and stop off in scenic Snapdragon for some family fun and terror. If your wanderlust isn't satiated, continue south to Arizona for stay at the Brimstone Grand Hotel. The Beast is expecting you...