Its violent, sordid past is what draws bestselling author David Masters to the infamous Victorian mansion called Baudey House. Its shrouded history of madness and murder is just the inspiration he needs to write his ultimate masterpiece of horror. But what waits for David and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Amber, at Baudey House, is more terrifying than any legend…

First comes the sultry hint of jasmine…followed by the foul stench of decay. It is the dead, seducing the living, in an age-old ritual of perverted desire and unholy blood lust. For David and Amber, an unspeakable possession has begun…

Acclaim For Tamara Thorne’s Haunted

“…a wonderful, terrifying book…a worthy successor to The Shining and Ghost Story.” –Nancy Holder, New York Times bestselling author

“…a tapestry of chills and scares that will be remembered long after the lights have gone out.” –Douglas Clegg

“Combines eerie eroticism with page-turning terror.” --Pasadena Weekly

“Don’t read it if you’ve got something else to do…it just might have to wait.” –After Hours