The Witches of Ravencrest

A New Day Has Dawned

After confronting the evil lurking in the east wing of Ravencrest Manor, butler Grant Phister realizes governess Belinda Moorland’s talents may be the key to undoing centuries of bloodshed and evil. Taking her under his wing, he begins teaching her the ways of her power - but is she strong enough to break the curse that has plagued the Manning family for centuries - the curse that keeps her handsome employer, Eric Manning, just beyond her reach?

A New Power Has Awakened

Meanwhile, strange things are happening at Ravencrest. A furious entity is breaking things in the parlor, the scarecrow has gone missing, and the creature in the vent is tormented by a ravenous new hunger. The very earth is alive - with an insatiable appetite for blood.

The Witches of Ravencrest is a serialized horror novel. New installments are scheduled to be released every four to six weeks.



The Witches of Ravencrest Vol II is available at:



The Witches of Ravencrest: GRAVE EXPECTATIONS is the first installment and available at:



The Witches of Ravencrest: DEAD OF THE NIGHT is the second installment and available at: