Available June 15, 2019




Family Secrets

The Brimstone Grand Hotel, owned by reclusive former movie star, Delilah Devine, looms high on Hospital Hill, harboring long-buried family secrets that whisper of unimaginable horrors. Horrors that will echo down through generations.

Twisted History

When Delilah’s granddaughter, Holly Tremayne, who has seen ghosts for most of her eleven years, first comes to live in the Brimstone Grand in the summer of 1968, she’s delighted by its majestic western beauty - and its chilling history. But as she settles in, making friends and enemies alike, the nightmares begin.

Terror in the Night

Within the walls of the Brimstone Grand, the past has come back to life, and Holly and Delilah are faced with an ancient familial evil that rages just below the old hotel’s serene facade. An evil that won’t rest until it possesses Holly - body, mind, and soul.



"Tamara Thorne’s BRIMSTONE is deliciously scary.  Thorne’s finely-etched 11-year-old heroine, Holly Tremayne, sees ghosts, but it never really bothered her until she moves to Brimstone, Arizona. She meets a fascinating, colorful cast of characters, each one harboring a dark secret from their past.  Earthquakes, nightmares, aberrations and ghosts keep the reader constantly on-edge. BRIMSTONE is like a hair-raising, fun trip through a house of horrors. But it’s not just one house, it’s a whole city." - Kevin O’Brien, the New York Times bestselling author of THEY WON’T BE HURT and THE BETRAYED WIFE

“BRIMSTONE includes great characters, especially Holly. This little eleven-year-old girl is so endearing with her past and her heartbreaking relationship with her mother. The history and the Native American folklore with supernatural elements made this book one of my favorites of the year. I highly recommend this book; you will definitely not be disappointed.” -Book Review Crew


"Tamara Thorne is the Mistress of Malignant Mansions, the Go-to Gal of the Grand Guignol; and her latest, BRIMSTONE, solidifies her place in the pantheon of modern Gothic storytellers.  With a kaleidoscopic cast of characters, a rich sense of place, and ever mounting suspense, BRIMSTONE brims with chills and thrills. Highly entertaining and highly recommended!" - Jay Bonansinga, the New York Times bestselling author of THE WALKING DEAD: RETURN TO WOODBURY, SELF STORAGE, and FROZEN


“Yet another unforgettable landmark on Tamara Thorne’s alternate map of haunted California—effectively expanded here to Arizona—BRIMSTONE demonstrates how much terror atmosphere and well-placed shocks can generate if handled with a deft hand. Not since the California Gothics of James Blaylock and Tim Powers has such a compelling vision of ghosts and monsters and the occult so ably tickled the spine and ruffled the short neck hairs … The thundering climax is as satisfying and fulfilling as any Thorne has ever crafted. BRIMSTONE is a shivery delight from first page to last, guaranteed to keep you reading long past your safe bedtime. -W.D. Gagliani, author of THE JUDAS HIT